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Discover Proven Strategies & Frameworks For Creating
High-Converting Video & Static Ad Creatives

Attract thousands of eager buyers to your e-commerce store

AdMaster Kit Mockup (1).png

What's Inside Your AdMastery Kit:

  • Winning Video Ad Creative Formulas & Frameworks (₹300)

  • ChatGPT Prompts For Ad Creative Strategy & Analysis (₹600)

  • AD Block Type Glossary (₹200)

  • 95 Hook Ideas (300)

  • Psychology of Editing Course: How to Edit High-Converting Video Ads (₹600)

  • Scroll Stopping Hacks: How to Capture Viewers Attention (300)

  • Headline Hacks: 10 Strategic Headline Approaches (300)

Today's Price: ₹19 (Total Value: ₹2600)

About The Author


I'm a Creative Strategist and video ad editor for an e-commerce brand with 5 years of Direct Response Marketing.


I've created 2000+ ad creatives for 60 DTC brands.


Usually, Clients come to me to hit 6 figures in revenue.


I recently helped 2 brands scale to 50k adspend with ~2.5 ROAS with psychology-based ad Creatives.


Helping them hit 6 figures


I hope you like this Bundle!




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